Earthquake In Pohang City, South Korea.


Earthquake near Pohang, South Korea injures 57 – November 15, 2017

Update 03:03 UTC : Final toll is 75 people injured and 1797 people displaced. 15 buildings have been destroyed and 1652 damaged. Update 02:48 UTC : A 5.4 magnitude earthquake that was South Korea’s second-strongest in decades damaged infrastructure, injured dozens of people and left about 1,500 homeless, officials said Thursday. As of Thursday morning, 1,536 people…


Powerful earthquakes strike Pohang; tremors felt across the country

/ Captured from the United States Geological Survey -5.4-magnitude earthquake struck Pohang at 2:29 p.m., preceded by minor quakes and followed by others including a 4.6-magnitude quake -Seven sustained minor injuries; fire departments responded to 42 rescue calls; over 7,000 were made to the emergency hotline 911 -Concrete debris, iron beams and glass fell onto…