Earthquake In Nepal Despair

Nepal’s earthquake disaster: Two years and $4.1bn later

On April 25, 2015, a powerful earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people and destroyed more than 824,000 homes in Nepal. Shortly after, the country’s Reconstruction Authority published a vision for “well-planned resilient settlements and a prosperous society”. But it is clearly falling short of that goal because of poor coordination between government and donors, a lack of understanding of…

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Earthquake In Nepal earthquake-recovery-work-bakhtapur-square-kathamandu-nepal

Nepal two years after the earthquake: What does life look like now?

Hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless in the devastation of the earthquake and its aftermath Just over two years have passed since an aftershock rocked Nepal causing widespread panic and further loss of life after the devastating April 2015 earthquake. More than eight million people were affected by the two disasters that killed…

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Earthquake In Nepal Nepal earthquake 2015

Nepal earthquake of 2015

Nepal earthquake of 2015, also called Gorkha earthquake, severe earthquake that struck near the city of Kathmandu in central Nepal on April 25, 2015. About 9,000 people were killed, many thousands more were injured, and more than 600,000 structures in Kathmandu and other nearby towns were either damaged or destroyed. The earthquake was felt throughout central and eastern Nepal, much of the Ganges River plain…

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Earthquake In Nepal

A list of some effects from nepal’s earthquake 1 year ago

KATHMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Nearly one year ago, Nepal rumbled with a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shattered daily life across the poor Himalayan nation. A series of powerful aftershocks that lasted for weeks compounded the damage and terrified the country’s 26.5 million citizens. Here are some statistics behind the disaster. Sources include the Nepalese…

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Earthquake In Nepal NEPAL Destroy

More than 1,900 killed by 7.8-magnitude quake in Nepal

View Photos A powerful earthquake struck Nepal Saturday, killing dozens of people. By Annie Gowen, Rama Lakshmi and Anup Kaphle April 26, 2015 It had been a pleasant Saturday morning, with families just sitting down to lunch and tourists thronging to Kathmandu’s Durbar Square when the temblor hit, a horrible rocking motion that seemed to go on without end. The…

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